Day 1 | Workshops & presentations 🚀
@ 21, the social innovation accelerator of the French Red Cross 
Campus Croix-Rouge | 21 rue de la Vanne, Montrouge – Paris

08:45Arrival at 21
09:00Welcome to Paris!French Red CrossCoffee time & Introduction to the eventWelcoming note by the French Red Cross International Innovation team
09:05Chapter 1 |
Social Entrepreneurship
French Red Cross21, the Social Innovation Accelerator of the FRC21 is the Social Innovation Accelerator of the French Red Cross. Its hosts a set of support programs for employees, volunteers and external entrepreneurs interested in building impact-driven initiatives. Since its creation in 2019, 21 has supported 70 social entrepreneurs.

10-min presentation by Chloe Gelin
09:15British Red CrossLeaps and groundsFounded in 2021, Leaps & Grounds is a speciality coffee social enterprise from the British Red Cross supporting refugee women to take steps towards their dream careers.

15-min presentation by Leora Fiedland
09:30Austrian Red CrossREDpreneurREDpreneur is the first-of-its-kind global incubation and acceleration program of the Austrian Red Cross (AutRC) to support the development of business skills and innovative impact driven enterprises in Red Cross core services. In this session AutRC will be sharing insights from the completed pilot and all details on how to be part of the upcoming REDpreneur 2.0 programme.

20-min presentation by Elin Baranyai-Ulvestad
10:00French Red CrossForesight | Living in 203030-min immersive experience in 2030!
10:30French Red CrossWelcoming speech from Philippe da CostaWelcoming note from the President of the French Red Cross
10:50French & Kenya Red CrossWomen Social Entrepreneurship InstituteFounded by the Kenyan and the French Red Cross, the Women Social Entrepreneurship Institute (WSEI) is a comprehensive program that aims to empower and support 20 women in the Coastal region of Kenya through social entrepreneurship. Founded by the Kenya Red Cross Society and the French Red Cross, the WSEI supports 20 women through a 6-month incubation program to help them grow from informal entrepreneurship to sustainable income generation.

20-min presentation by Hélène Delaplace and Priyanka Patel
11:10Belarus Red CrossSupporting migrants through entrepreneurshipBelarus Red Cross will share the experience in supporting migrants in their socialization and employment in Belarus through the developing of mini business initiatives with the support of international partners (IFRC, ICRC, Swiss Red Cross, UNHCR and UNDP). We will share the information about most relevant activities among migrants in Belarus and the ways to be self-employed. We will share the information about several projects which were and are aimed to help migrants to realize themselves and to find a job in Belarus realizing their business ideas.

15-min presentation by Ina Lemiasheyskaya and Olga Isakova
11:30 Coffee Break
11:40Chapter 2 |
Innovative Finance
Humanitarian Innovative Finance Hub hosted by the Danish Red CrossBlended finance backgroundThe Danish Red Cross has been working for some years now with different blended finance initiatives. They will facilitate a frank and stimulating discussion on blended finance as one potential solution to bridge the both famous and dreaded funding gap. You do not need to be a financing expert to participate in this discussion, where they will first of all share their experience working on blended finance projects in DRC and how blended finance has challenged and keeps on challenging their working modalities, self-perception and role in the society.

10-min presentation by Line Thaudahl Jakobson
11:50Danish & Austrian Red CrossHumanitarian Health FundThis century has produced amazing technological health progresses. Unfortunately, they barely ever reach the people we work for. Indeed, half of the world´s population still lacks access to quality primary health care services. What can we do as the RC/RC movement to ensure that health progresses are for all? In this session, you will hear of Danish Red Cross newest initiative, the Humanitarian Health Fund. Join us for a discussion on Red Cross as a potential impact investor.

10-min presentation by Virginie Morlet and Lisbeth Zacho
12:00Yunus Social BusinessYunus Social BusinessYunus Social Business was co-founded by Nobel Peace Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and finances and grows social businesses in East Africa, Latin America and India to tackle poverty and the climate crisis. In addition, YSB brings corporate purpose to life by co-creating new social business ventures, and helping corporations collaborate with innovative social businesses.

10-min presentation by Lorelei Logel Demoulin
12:20British & French Red CrossThe Giving block & How blockchain can possibly improve humanitarian actionBlockchain technologies have been promoted as possible future innovations in the humanitarian sector. However, its lack of legal framework, carbon emissions, and other possible risks, raise a controversial debate on the implications of this technological transition within the sector.

10-min presentation by Celia Scruby
10-min presentation by Giulio Zucchini
12:45 Lunch Break
14:00Chapter 3 |
Social and Digital Innovation
International Committee of the Red CrossInnovation at the ICRCLeveraging Climate, Social, and Technological Innovations for Humanitarian Assistance and Protection.

20-min presentation around innovation at the ICRC by Mima Stojanovic, Melissa KIEHL and Nan Buzard
14:20American Red CrossAmerican Red Cross’s Innovation JourneyIntroduction to the technology led innovation work being done at the American Red Cross.

15-min presentation by Sajit Joseph
14:40Kenya Red CrossFablab & lowtechSkills development and providing access to modern technology empowers marginalized communities with capacity to ideate and build solutions to their contextual challenges while keeping the youth productively engaged.

15-min presentation by Derrick Mugasia
15:00Japanese Red CrossKumamoto hospital & open innovationIn hospital management, hospitals are often compared to a small society where various social challenges emerge together. By taking advantage of this unique environment, the Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital has been functioning as an open innovation hub for humanitarian technologies such as the world first hydrogen ambulance, the medical cargo drone, the movable flush toilet, and the mobile apps to support tsunami evacuation. In particular, the zero-emission hydrogen ambulance with external power supply function contributes to the both efforts for adaptation and mitigation in the climate change.

15-min presentation by Yasuhiro Soshino
15:20Spanish Red CrossCompensa: How to use technology to offset CO2 emissionsThe main objective of the +CO(mpensa)2 platform is to make the Spanish Red Cross’ carbon footprint offsetting process more efficient. This tool enables the centralization of documentation associated with ecosystem restoration and emissions offsetting projects, together with a monitored follow-up thanks to photogrammetry obtained through drone flights.

15-min presentation by Sara Casas Osorio
15:30German Red CrossCreating a digital support platform for young peopleCorona, war, climate catastrophe & fear of the future – as the problems increase, so does the need for targeted, professional and trustworthy support for young people. For this reason, the German Red Cross is creating a digital support platform for this specific target group. In close collaboration with young people, social workers and local branch representatives, they are developing a tool that supports young people through anonymous chat counseling. At the same time, they will create a unique support structure run by peers.

10-min presentation by Luise Springer
15:40German Red CrossThe German Red Cross‘ Digital ChecksTo support the local branches‘ transformation efforts, the German Red Cross has developped a digital assessment tool that asses the maturity level of their digitalisation and provides recommendations for actions. The assessemnt tool has been adapted to other transformational initiatives such as digital transformation of kindergardens, diversity and GRC Strategy 2030.

10-min presentation by Marion Doßner
15:50Global First Aid Reference CentreFirst aid in the digital eraPresenting the new First Aid App with its new features and other digital tools (e-learning, games, AR)

15-min presentation by Sendy Veerabadren and Bassinte Ossama
16:00 Break
16:10Hungary Red CrossMigrants and entrepreneurshipThe Hungary Red Cross has a project that provides vocational traing to vulnerable women incl. Ukrainian refugees and part of them to become enterprenaurs. It is financed by the Coca Cola Foundation. It’ll be started in January, so by May we won’t have enterpreneurs yet, but we’ll have some experience on the process.

10-min presentation by Judit Waller-Fekete
16:20Italian Red CrossRed CloudNew tools to capitalise on knowledge and promote learning and development within complex organizational contexts: the experience and challenges of RedCloud platform.

10-min presentation by Andrea Fontana and Gaia Nati
16:30Lebanese Red CrossOur Village’s TreasureA role play game about social cohesion intended to sensitize young people and educate them about humanitarian principles and values that foster respect for diversity and mutual understanding.

10-min presentation by Miriana Bader
16:45Iraqi Red CrescentHow the Iraqi Red Crescent involved the community and its volunteers in the strategic planningWith the goal to better understand the needs of the communities, volunteers of the Iraqi Red Crescent are involved in the planning process through a digital application. This allows them to have a practical fellowship and collect specific data from their communities where they have carried out IRC’s activities. By collecting and analysing specific data from the targeted communities, the IRC is able to provide annual plans that enhance the effectiveness of the responses in compliance with the IRC’s strategy, and reinforces the acceptance of the IRC within the society.

10-min presentation by Mr. Sadeq Nezar
17:00 Break at the hotel

Drinks & Dinner 🎉

Day 2 | Learning expedition @Change Now 🌎 🌍
Champ de Mars | 2 Pl. Joffre, 75007 Paris
Get to meet with startups, social entrepreneurs, investors and journalists from over the world engaged in social entrepreneurship. The Red Cross activities will be exposed with a booth dedicated to innovative solutions.


1 | Ibis Hotel
33 Rue Barbès – 92120 Montrouge
Metro | Line 4 . Mairie de Montrouge
RER B | Gentilly
* This hotel is located next to the Campus Croix-Rouge.

2 | Hotel des Deux Continents
25 Rue Jacob – 75006 Paris
Metro | Line 4 . Saint-Germain des Prés
* Located in Saint-Germain district, in the heart of Paris.

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