Mexican Red CrossTech as a tool

How the Mexican Red Cross uses technology for enhanced intervention results

The Mexican Red Cross (MRC) implemented a technological system that facilitates the collection, organisation and analysis of information on institutional management and intervention results. Its purpose is to generate an institutional culture of continuous improvement that responds to the problems and needs of the Mexican population and legitimises MRC’s  intervention among interest groups.

Mobility for AfricaImpact partners

Mobility for Africa: Empowering Women through sustainable transportation

Mobility for Africa locally assembles custom-built electric tricycles that run on li-ion battery packs, powered through solar-charging stations. These electric tricycles are aimed at all sectors of the community, including small scale farmers and women’s organisations. The tricycles have been particularly impactful when used by healthcare workers, where they have enabled improved access to health services.  

Japanese Red CrossTech as a tool

How to provide mobile real time monitoring on tsunami evacuation

In November 2022, the Humanitarian Technology Unit of the Japanese Red Cross and Disaster Management Institute, jointly conducted Japan's first demonstration experiment on Real-time monitoring of tsunami evacuation status. This was carried out by using human flow data and AI acquired by a smartphone app, used in the Tsunami disaster prevention drill organised by the Cabinet Office in Nemuro City of Hokkaido.

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