Alice Piaggo


PocketPatientMD is a free electronic medical record platform and App that is available online and offline with no internet or electricity. PocketPatientMD is multilingual, in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and more. It includes billing, scheduling, consultations, labs, pharmacy, and more. PocketPatientMD users own their data, enabling real-time data aggregation and analysis to improve cost and quality of care.

PocketPatientMD is WHO approved software on their Digital Health Atlas and served on the Africa CDC Health Information Exchange.


PocketPatientMD enables health organisations and healthcare workers to better organise and manage patient records, medical histories, billing, visits, appointments, and more, and enables patients to have access of their health histories to improve their cost and quality of care, and compliance.

PocketPatientMD includes both an online website and offline App, usable both with telemedicine and offline in areas that lack connectivity. It is also interoperable and linkable with labs, pharmacies and other systems; in multiple languages, and customizable. The platform can be used to support M&E, research, and reporting. Most importantly, the platform is free to ensure it’s available to all doctors and health workers. It is permission based meaning doctors and admins can also create roles on the platform for staff including receptionists, pharmacists, nurses, community health workers, medical students, and more.

Currently, PocketPatientMD has users in 135+ countries on the platform, is available in 7 languages, and beta in over 10 others. PocketPatientMD seeks to give doctors, patients, and health organisations better access to the tools and information they need without barriers to improve cost and quality of care for all. 

Technical details & Operations

PocketPatientMD includes a website that doctors and health organizations can sign up for, and an offline App that can be used on any device (mobile, computer, tablet, laptop). To sign up, a doctor or organization director just needs to visit PocketPatientMD to sign-up. To create a group for a hospital or clinic, a request must be sent to PocketPatientMD through the website after the director and/or lead doctor sign up.

Once signed in, users can add patients health records and medical histories, consultation notes, and more. Users can also input and track vitals, track scheduling, billing, and more. The online version can be used with telemedicine. 

PocketPatientMD can be used to organize labs and pharmacy by tracking medications. PocketPatientMD can also be used as a registry, for M&E, reporting, research, and more. 

The platform is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Swahili, Vietnamese, and beta in over 10 other languages including Amharic, Kinyarwanda, Malagasy, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Lingala, Bambara, Twi, Somali, Indonesian, Malay, Mongolian, and more.

All that is needed is a device that can access the internet to use the web version, and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer to access the offline app.

PocketPatientMD provides all training and support, ensuring the platform is always free for our users.

Deployment & Impact

PocketPatientMD is live and active, with doctors and organizations from over 135 countries currently on the platform. PocketPatientMD has worked with the Red Cross in the Philippines during COVID, and currently has six Ministry of Health approvals and two other public sector approvals for pilots. This includes over seventy five 10,000+ patient facilities and organizations signed up for the platform.

PocketPatientMD’s users have seen more patients per day, reduced waste, and better been able to track and follow-up with their patients. It also has improved the security and storage of health information by using a secure, GDPR and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a US law) compliant system.

PocketPatientMD is currently:
– 125%+ growth since 2023; 3x more users in Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023
– Doctors from 135+ countries have signed up and tried the platform
– 8 Ministry of Health Approvals, 2 public sector approvals
– Pilots pending with over seventy five 10,000+ patient facilities and organizations
– Served on Africa CDC Health Information Exchange
– Used by the Red Cross during COVID19 in the Philippines