Illustrator: Pau Gasol Valls


The e-platform for trainings of the Bulgarian Red Cross is a digital platform where every person can access online trainings in First aid, Psychosocial support, AIDS/HIV Prevention, Hygiene and Stress Management, test one’s knowledge and receive a certificate entirely for free. The solution was developed as part of the Bulgarian Red Cross’ Strategy 2030 which aims to facilitate the access to the trainings provided by the organization to the general public as well as to its volunteers. 


At the beginning of 2021, as the vaccination rates in Bulgaria were low and the public health and social measures were tightened, resulting in complete inability to conduct any in person trainings, the Bulgarian Red Cross faced the challenge to continue providing high-quality trainings in First aid and Hygiene promotion to its volunteers as well as to the general public with the aim of helping them during the most critical time of the pandemic. The e-trainings platform was developed under the “Project for the introduction of an electronic platform for theoretical training in first aid”, funded by the Bulgarian Red Cross and the “Empress Shocken Fund – Grant 2020”.


Technical details & Operations

The e-platform for trainings of the Bulgarian Red Cross is web-based and requires nothing but a registration. Every training that can be found in the platform is structured in separate theoretical modules. After passing the respective training, as well as the accompanying tests, the trainee receives an automatically generated certificate for completion. The platform is currently being translated in English so that it can be accessible to international volunteers.

Deployment & Impact

The main impact that the Bulgarian Red Cross managed to achieve is to help volunteers and people in need acquire knowledge on First aid, Hygiene promotion and Stress management as part of its COVID-19 response with the total number of all completed trainings in 2021 – 5527. Secondly, the Bulgarian Red Cross managed to engage its volunteers in times where all in person activities were limited. Last but not least, the platform combines important resources in different topics in one place, facilitating the process of training new volunteers.