Operations centre of the Spanish Red Cross

Operations centre of the Spanish Red Cross


The Spanish Red Cross has implemented a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to automate some interactive processes related to Contact Centers: user data collection, information management, marketing campaigns and planning of teams according to workloads. The CRM focuses the interaction with the system on a single platform and allows improving efficiency, traceability, effectiveness and accessibility, reducing human errors, costs and complexity.


The incorporation of a CRM structure for Spanish Red Cross services arises from the need to be more competitive and efficient in the interpretation and use of the data. It is vital to understand the targeted users needs and the services context through the analysis of the interaction between the organization and the end users. This analysis allows to monitor the evolution of the organization’s own activities, extracting valuable information to make fast, adapted and informed decisions.

In order to prove the usefulness of this system in the real scenario, SRC has tested for the area of recruitment of private users of Telecare in Spain. Due to the high demand for requirements of that service, it has been possible to develop useful potential functionalities for other areas of intervention of the CRE.

Technical details & Operations

The Spanish Red Cross works commitment with Microsoft allows the inclusion of the CRM Dynamics365 software line with different modules to adjust to the specifications and particular needs of each project.

This system allows integration with other existing Red Cross systems such as Outlook email, the Altitude Call Center or the Spanish Red Cross Oracle database.

Among the most important functionalities implemented were the following:

  • Carry out CRUD procedures (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on the organization’s database in an intuitive and optimized way.
  • Organize Digital Marketing campaigns allowing segmenting and contacting specific targets.
  • Regarding the organization of work teams, the assigning, planning and monitoring of each individual or workload is offered in an easy and integrated way in the solution.

The platform can be integrated with other services offered by Microsoft and with a dynamic and simplified interface that reduces both the learning curve for users and the times of each operation through rules and automations adapted to the needs of the Red Cross.

The data collected, as well as its use and management through the CRM system guarantee the rights and protection of personal information. The system guarantees the security measures established by current legislation of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Deployment & Impact

The implementation of the CRM was carried out in three stages: 

  • Data collection phase, documentation of functional and technical requirements.
  • Implementation and development phase.
  • Training phase for CRM care professionals. It should be noted that the training was done in 1 day, allowing most of the users to handle the system fluently after 2 weeks. Therefore, in a period of less than two months the CRM can be developed or adapted on demand.

The main monitored data are:

  • Team workload.
  • Number and type of requests received (commercial, management, other Red Cross areas, others).
  • Commercial requests received and how many are hired.
  • Agent productivity.

The CRM also offers a single repository of information and allows the interaction between users in an integrated way, facilitating connectivity from any point and making it easier to operate, thereby promoting teleworking

During the next phases, other CRE services, such as recruitment and follow-up of members, as well as volunteer management  will be supported by the CRM as in the case of telecare.